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Suellen May, M.A., LPC

My passion is focused on working with couples and treating individuals with OCD, anxiety, body-focused repetitive behaviors, social anxiety, and panic disorder. I have advanced training in ERP for OCD as well as couples work. I'm one of only a few therapists trained in I-CBT for OCD. Becoming a therapist was a mid-life career change for me, motivated by the removal of pain that a kind and compassionate therapist can provide when the fit is right. I only wish I had gone to therapy sooner.


Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked in the environmetal field, authored many science books, and served in the US Peace Corps in Jamaica. I have worked as a counselor at the VA working with veterans with PTSD, depression and OCD and at Turning Point for Families and Youth, both in Fort Collins. 


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