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Therapy FAQs

How much will it cost?

My private pay fee for 53 minutes is $125 for individuals and $130 for couples. If you are using insurance, your cost will be based on your deductible and copay. If you have a deductible, your insurance will likely make you pay the full contracted rate before paying a portion of therapy. The best way to determine this is by contacting your insurance if you are uncertain about your deductible. 

How do I schedule and do you offer free consults?

Feel free to send me a message through the contact button. We can verify your insurance and then I send paperwork to be completed electronically. Once it is completed, you can view my calendar and request an appointment. I offer telehealth or in-person sessions.

I do not offer free consults as I find that 15 minutes can leave people raw when discussing why they are coming to therapy. All sessions are billed to insurance.

What is a typical session like?

Sessions involve setting therapeutic goals and coming up with a plan to achieve those goals. I often begin sessions by reviewing what we discussed last week and allowing the client to discuss whatever is on their mind or directing sessions with tools to achieve their goals. Clients are encouraged to choose the pacing of difficult topics. I will not ask you to go into detail about your trauma on the first session. 

Periodically, I will check in with how therapy is working for you. Am I meeting your needs? I find that the therapeutic relationship reflects a client's other relationships and encourage one to speak up when needs are not being met or therapy feels uncomfortable.

Boundaries are important for both of us. I limit self-disclosure unless I think it is relevant, however, you can feel free to ask me questions that might make you more comfortable. I respect your privacy (as required by law) if I happen to see you outside of sessions. We can't be friends on social media due to privacy laws and to maintain appropriate boundaries. 


Attendance is critical and I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. A $75 fee is charged for last-minute cancellations. All content within session is confidential with the exception of a crime against a child, at-risk person, terrorist act, or a very imminent plan for suicide. The most common breach of confidentiality is due to reports of child abuse. Confidentiality is also maintained for my young clients, which is uncomfortable for many parents, but is required for law. I would need permission from the child to share content from the session with parents. 

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